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Approaching Prospects

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abstract expressionism of flower garden digital art home decor for sale

Flowery Appearance

abstract expressionism digital print

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Impressive Memory panels one-three

abstract expressionism digital landscape

Winter landscape paintings and prints for sale, Americana wall art for sale, home decor for sale

Christmas Sleigh Ride - Ode to Currier and Ives - SOLD - fine art prints are available

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Sweet View

abstract expressionism digital print

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Peaceful Coexistance - SOLD - 

fine art prints are available


How to hang paintings and prints

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Congratulations! You have your new Linda Mears artwork! Now how do you display it in your home?

Use picture-hanging hooks, rather than heavy nails or screws. The picture hooks go into the wall at an angle, like a cat’s claw. Buy the right hook for your artwork’s weight. There are basically three types. A one-nail picture hook holds 30 pounds or lighter. A two-nail picture hook holds about 50 pounds. A three-nail picture hook holds about 75 to 100 pounds. Use two picture hooks per artwork. This provides security and helps to keep it level over time.


NOTE: Framed prints of my artwork are “printed on demand,” assembled, packaged and shipped within 2-3 business days or your order and arrive “ready to hang” with pre-attached wire, mounting hooks and nails. 

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Use your own artistic feeling or eye!

Use a level and a ruler to ensure that both picture hooks are aligned. When hanging a single piece center if about 60 inches off the ground, which places it at eye level. When hanging a pair or works, one above the other, threat them as on large picture. Find the center point and use the same 60 inch rule.

For spacing between art on the same wall, generally, use two inches between larger pieces. For smaller you may use and inch and a half between them, above and below each.

Group of Linda Mears fine art paintings and prints wall art for sale displayed on a wall home decor

Just have fun with it!

When arranging multiple pieces don’t just think in terms of a grid. You may use a “salon installation.” That means a grouping of uneven images or frames. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Just keep the middle of the group around eye level. It’s something you will feel proportionally. The most important thing is to have fun with it and don’t worry about being perfect. 

A lot of my collectors like moving pictures around, adding and exchanging new paintings, just like moving furniture around to freshen things up. And many even have a closet for additional paintings to be rotated with their current wall gallery.

Professional skater Magazine Featuring Linda Mears Artwork

Check it out!

"Winter Skating" is featured on this popular magazine!

"Winter Skating" on magazine cover

 It appears on the front and back covers.  

Linda Mears Biography

 And, her bio is on page three.  

Winter Skating ~ original sold at Gallery on Madison Ave, NY, NY.

Prints are available here:

Fine art prints are available here:

Home Decor Idea

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Winter Skating displayed on your wall! Original oil painting sold at gallery on Madison Ave, NY, NY. Fine art prints are available.

More Winter Landscapes

Winter landscape painting, winter landscape prints, winter landscape art, interior design wall art

These and more landscapes are available in the Prints Gallery!

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Linda Mears on Gallery Street