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Linda Mears Fine Artist Biography


Linda Mears shares her story of becoming a world renowned fine art artist painter.  It's been a life long and exciting adventure for her to achieve her dream. 

I was born in 1949 in California. I began artistically representing my experiences by painting and drawing scenes from my family summer trips across the United States. I remember once in kindergarten how I was so inspired by a majestic purple Colorado mountain with clouds around the top that I created my own impression of it on my little wood easel with my big buckets of children's paints. I also drew and painted the animals, cats, dogs, horses, in my neighborhood. 

I involved myself with painting, drawing, piano, guitar, sculpture, and even poetry at every opportunity. I won art contests in school and created Christmas cards and portraits for my friends and family. I was always the go-to person whenever someone needed artistic creations. 

My family had expected me to follow in the footsteps of my mother and grandmother as a nurse. And I did obtain a nursing degree but my heart was never truly in that field. 

I was working as a nurse and pursuing my artistic interests part time. When, in 1987, Jay Johnson's America's Folk Heritage Gallery, on the upper east side of Madison Avenue in New York City, New York, discovered me. I immediately became one of their top selling artists. My original fine art paintings and prints continue to be found in prestigious private collections, galleries, museums, and on various gift and other products worldwide. 

Against all odds, in 2006, I survived AML Leukemia and a bone marrow transplant. Since that time, with decreased physical abilities, I've continued creating my art with evolving it into a more contemporary and even abstract style. And I've expanded from not only paint on canvas but also into the whole new and exciting world of digital art.  

I invite you to experience my artistic evolution at my website which I personally created. And at, where you will be able to view and collect; fine art prints, throw pillows, mugs, apparel, towels, etc. I regularly upload new art there. Select original paintings are also available. 

My goals are; to reveal to my collectors and viewers just how beautiful life can be, to provide unique artwork for keeping their home and office walls updated, and to inspire and empower other artists to persevere at and to succeed at their art career dreams. I am living proof that there is no obstacle too great to prevent you from following your dreams!




Frank J. Miele Gallery, Madison Avenue, New York City, NY
Musse d'Art International de Bages, France
Le Musse d'Art International Yvon-M. Daigle, Magog, Quebec
Toad Hall Galleries in Cooperstown and in New York City, NY
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Yvon Daigle Galerie Art Naif, Magog, Quebec
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Jay Johnson Gallery, Madison Avenue, New York City, NY
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Artists for a Better World, Hollywood, CA
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Artists Against Drugs, Beverly Hills, CA
The Museum of American Folk Art, New York, NY
Artists For Human Rights, Calabasas, CA
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